Why Should You Use Corn Oil For Cooking?

One of the most popular oils in the market, corn oil is a must-have kitchen essential that makes home-cooked food extra flavourful. Wondering how corn oil is made?

Not a product that is naturally oily, corn goes through a complex refining process before oil is extracted out of the crop. At an initial stage, corn kernels are mechanically pressed to separate the oil from the corn. The oil then goes through chemical processes to help remove impurities and unwanted smells.

The oil thus develops a high resistance to burning, also known as possessing a high smoke point. Corn oil therefore becomes an ideal choice for deep-frying food, making it perfectly crispy without burning it.

Corn Oil -For All Your Versatile Cooking Needs

Corn oil has diverse uses, both in cooking and non-cooking applications. High in vitamin E, the oil has remedial properties and is used in cosmetic products and as a baby oil too.

As a cooking oil, Tirupati is the most preferred corn oil in Ahmedabad and various other cities across India, used in roasting, deep-frying and baking recipes. The oil has a rich taste and can be used for cold preparations like salads, mayonnaises and vinaigrettes.

Busting Corn Oil Myths

With a variety of cooking oils present in the market, it sometimes becomes difficult to sift the good from the bad. Different oils provide different benefits when it comes to health and taste. Some segments of people are of the opinion that corn oil is not healthy for you. We’re here to let you know of the benefits of corn oil and then you can decide for yourself!

1. Helps Regulate Cholesterol

Corn oil is a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which may help regulate cholesterol and lower blood pressure levels. Polyunsaturated fats are different from trans fat and saturated fats present in other oils, which are unhealthy fats that may increase the risk of heart disease.

2. Enhances The Skin

Corn oil can either be applied topically or consumed through diet to help enhance the skin. The oil contains antioxidants and tocopherols which may help relieve skin diseases such as blemishes, eczema and psoriasis.Corn oil may even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

3. Keeps The Tresses Strong

Corn oil is rich with Omega-3 acids and antioxidants. This may potentially strengthen hair follicles, nourish the scalp and help prevent hair loss. With its natural hair-conditioning properties, corn oil may strengthen the tresses and give them a smooth finish.

Tirupati Corn Oil - The Trusted Choice For Your Family

A leader in the edible oil industry, ‘Tirupati’ has become a household name in India today. Amongst a wide array of products, our Refined Corn Oil range is quite popular, made with the best available technology and machineries. If you’re looking to purchase high quality corn oil in Ahmedabad or anywhere across India, buy Tirupati’s Refined Corn Oil , easily available across physical stores in various cities and on online platforms.

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