The Battle Of Healthy Cooking Oils: Cottonseed Vs Mustard Oil

India is a diverse country rich with exotic edibles. Each state of India has some or the other popular food to indulge. And the same goes for cooking oils. Central and west parts of India prefer either cottonseed oil A.K.A Kapasiya Tel while northern India prefer mustard oil A.K.A Sarso Tel . Despite both oils being healthy, let’s see which oil is the healthiest to help you cook fresh and healthy!

Benefits of pure cottonseed oil (Kapasiya Tel)

  • The amount of antioxidants is high enough to keep you healthy every day.
  • To fight free-radicals, vitamin E of cottonseed oil plays an important role
  • Being low in cholesterol, it makes a great option for people who want to lower their cholesterol
  • Cottonseed oil is best for deep-frying any food. So, have your favorites without a tinge of worry.
  • Kapasiya Tel is not as heavy as other oils so you can use it for baking as well.
  • When it comes to super healthy meals like salad, cottonseed oil is perfect as a salad dressing as it has high oxidation-resistance
  • This oil is a great substitute for cocoa butter in confectionery items. For years, the applicability of Kapasiya Oil has become so vast that it has entered into the manufacturing of food.
  • Many cosmetics companies use Kapasiya Tel because of its light texture. These products are creams, lotion, and skin moisturizers.
  • The light and neutral taste of cottonseed oil is loved by everyone who loves spicy food and strong flavors.

Benefits Of Mustard Oil (Sarso Tel)

  • Due to its medicinal properties,Sarso Oil is often used as a massage oil, skin serum, and hair treatment
  • The purest form ofSarso Tel is Mustard essential oil which has been in use by Ayurvedic professionals to cure many skin related diseases. But unsupervised use of this essential oil is not recommended.
  • Sarso Oil is high in MUFA which your body needs in a 3:1 ratio with polyunsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids.
  • The rich properties ofSarso Tel lower bad cholesterol in the body while keeping a check on blood fat levels to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Another miraculous benefit ofMustard oil is healing cracks of feet and using it as a winter moisturizer coupled with coconut oil.
  • The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties ofSarso Tel help fight seasonal diseases as well.
  • The heating elements ofMustard oil help get relief from cold and cough. Just make a paste of Haldi, honey, and Sarso tel to have it like a peppermint. Now, you know the benefits of both cottonseed oil and mustard oil. So, choose the one which suits your taste buds and health the best !

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