The Secret To Eating Guilt-Free: Choose A Healthy Oil For Cooking

Whether it is children or adults, delicious, fried food is everybody’s favourite. But in an age where we are obsessed with our weight, balancing taste and health can seem like a task. The secret lies in choosing a healthy oil for cooking that can help you enjoy your favourite foods guilt-free. Let us take you through how to choose the right oil for all your cooking needs.

When it comes to choosing a healthy oil for cooking, we can draw inspiration from the diverse cuisines and cultures of India. Every state is known for its distinctive cooking style and uses locally available oils that make the food flavourful. All these oils have special qualities which make them unique and suitable to the Indian palette:

Mustard Oil:

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When you wish to choose a healthy oil for cooking, mustard oil famously used in Bengali cuisine is a great choice. Its easily digestive property makes it the perfect substitute for traditional oils. Further, mustard oil has antibacterial properties that protect the skin, help fight germs and viruses. Considering the current pandemic, you should definitely cook with mustard oil to boost immunity.

Sunflower Oil:

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Highly used in Carnatic cuisine, sunflower oil has many benefits. Not only is it rich in Vitamin E, sunflower oil is full of polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) which helps in lowering cholesterol. It is a healthy oil for cooking as it helps fight cardiovascular diseases and free radicals, which is great for cancer patients.

Groundnut Oil:

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A must have oil in every Gujarati household, groundnut oil is a healthy oil for cooking as it is high in mono-unsaturated (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fat (PUFA). It also acts as a good antioxidant as it is filled with Vitamin E. This benefits the skin and makes it healthy and luscious.

Rice Bran Oil:

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A favourite of health enthusiasts in the metro cities of India, rice bran oil is a healthy oil for cooking. It is rich in monounsaturated acids and has the ability to lower cholesterol. Rice bran oil has a component called oryzanol which helps in reducing cholesterol and can be a great addition to the kitchen.

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