Go Fit & Healthy for the 2nd Innings of life

Have you ever wondered what it will be like when you reach an age when the second part of your life begins? After the age of 50, there begins a new phase of life where you need to really take care of yourself and be positive in every way possible. Especially in these testing times, taking utmost care of yourself is the only way to survive. When we say that looking out for yourself is a necessity, we also wish that you don’t go completely colourless. After all, what’s life if it isn’t vibrant?!

The solutions for a healthier approach in the 2nd innings are not bland as you think. It’s ‘same, same, but different.’ Tweaking your lifestyle a little, can bring about a revolutionizing change which can ensure a healthier outlook for the coming years. Be it maintaining an exercise routine or sleeping hours, choice of food or time of eating and working hours or ways of entertainment, as time goes along, these need to be modified for mental and physical fitness.

Talking about the elephant in the room- Food Habits is one such significant factor. Deep fried foods tend to increase your cholesterol levels, Fried Snacks are not the absolute best choice and Oily Foods are just a way to take a toll down the unhealthy road. But then again, these are the food items we live for, don’t we?

So what? Do we just stop eating them?
No, we’re not asking you to compromise on your favourite food. Compromising is never a solution for change, but change is a solution to compromising. All we’re asking you to do is CHANGE THE OIL.

Shift to the healthier oil- Tirupati Rice Bran Oil, presented to you by the best Rice Bran Oil Manufacturers of Gujarat. An oil that is created to TAKE CARE of you and your family. Living healthy is as easy as changing an ingredient in your kitchen.

When we say we’re the best Rice Bran Oil Manufacturers of Gujarat, we mean that our Rice Bran Oil treats you to all the goodness there is. Not only is it rich in Oryzanol & Vitamin E, but it also holds the perfect balance of MUFA & PUFA. To put it simply, it helps one overcome the bank of diseases that ageing brings with it- it subsides the high risk of Heart Diseases, it takes your Immunity levels sky-high and promotes skin health.

A change of oil, can become a change of life. Switch to Tirupati Rice Bran Oil to be fitter for the second innings of life.

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