Confused About Which Food Oil To Consume?

To make a meal delicious, it is necessary to know different cooking methods, oils, and techniques. Depending on whether the food is to be baked, sauteed, fried, or roasted, the oils that are used vary. It is amazing how one can enjoy a meal differently when cooked with the right oil.

Let us look at 4 of the majorly used cooking oils, and understand their benefits and uses:

1.Soybean Oil:

As the name suggests, Soyabean oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the plant of Soyabean. Having a relatively high smoke point (450°F) , Soybean oil can be used extensively for high heat cooking options. These can be baking, frying roasting etc. Moreover, this oil consists of omega -3 fatty acids, which is helpful in protecting the heart against diseases. Not only the heart, but Soybean oil plays a role in improving fetal development, boosting immunity, and enhancing the brain functioning. One of the best Soybean oils is available with Tirupati Oils. The price of Tirupati Soyalite - Refined Soyabean Oil 2 Ltr Jar is Rs. 304.

2.Peanut Oil (or popularly known as Singtel):

Popularly used for cooking and frying foods, Singtel is a product of edible seeds of the peanut plant. Singtel are of several types, which are usually made using different techniques. The 4 types are:

  1. Refined Singtel
  2. Cold-Pressed Singtel
  3. Gourmet Singtel
  4. Singtel Blends

Singtel is commonly used in South Asian and Chinese food. Peanut oil is a great source E, which can protect the heart from potential diseases. However, Singtel contains a high amount of Omega 6 fats, which might not be good for health, as it may cause inflammation and thereby result in variou health problems.

3.Refined Sunflower Oil

Made by pressing the seeds of Helianthus annuus plant, Refined Sunflower Oilis known as one of the healthiest cooking oils, as it contains unsaturated fats. This oil may also help in reducing high cholesterol levels, which, in turn decreases the chances of heart problems.

One of the most beneficial aspects of Refined Sunflower Oil is its benefits of the skin. Being high in Vitamin E, it protects the skin from wrinkles and premature aging. Also, it contains oleic acid, which can be beneficial in wound healing.

4.Kachi Ghani

Kachi Ghani Oil , also known as mustard oil is one of the powerful oils that is traditionally used to address the pain of arthritis. Being produced from mustard plant, kachi ghani is known for its pungent aroma and strong flavour. For the same reason, it is used in stir fried and sauteed dishes. Moreover, being high in unsaturated fatty acids, kachi ghani may reduce the risks attached to heart diseases. Also, during such difficult times, kachi ghani can be used as a natural remedy to treat cough, congestion, and other symptoms of cold.

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