Confused About The Uses Of Different Cooking Oils?

Do you know what is the secret weapon to successful culinary arts? Well, it is the cooking oil that a person uses in different forms, according to the requirement of the dish. Hence, while buying cooking oils, one must consider the need of the dish, the benefits of the oils, and the way it is going to be used.

Some of the common cooking oils are Cottonseed Oil, Groundnut Oil, Corn Oil, and Sunflower Oil. In this article let us explore some of the benefits and uses of these edible oils:

1.Cottonseed Oil:

Being high in polyunsaturated fat, which is known for reducing bad cholesterol, Cottonseed Oil is not only used for the purpose of cooking, but also as a home remedy for some ailments and skin conditions. Cottonseed Oil is used majorly for frying and baking as it enhances the flavour of the food and is helpful in making baked dishes moist and soft. Some studies show that this oil has anticancer effects, and hence it prevents tumor growth. Cottonseed Oil also lowers inflammation, thereby reducing the chances of suffering from chronic diseases and heart problems. Besides, if you are looking for hair growth and improvement, you should consider buying this cooking oil, as it helps in moisturizing and preventing protein loss.

2.Groundnut Oil :

Peanuts are products which are filled with fat, proteins and other healthy nutrients, and hence its oil is commonly used in desserts, snacks, and sauces. Groundnut Oil is often used for the purpose of frying. Being rich in Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, it is known for lowering the risk of heart diseases. Having a slightly nutty flavour, it adds a great taste to dishes. It is the perfect oil for health and taste; having monounsaturated fats, Groundnut Oil helps in reducing LDL cholesterol, also commonly known as bad cholesterol. However, if you are allergic to peanuts, do not consider buying this cooking oil.

3.Corn Oil:

Well, Corn Oil is used in multiple ways, from deep frying to being a key ingredient in cosmetics. It can be used for deep frying for it has a high smoke point. However, let us look at the cooking aspect of Corn Oil . Having Vitamin E, which is a soluble nutrient, Corn Oil provides anti-inflammatory antioxidants to the body.This oil is known for controlling cholesterol by blocking the body’s absorption of cholesterol. Thereby, also reducing the risk of heart diseases.

4.Sunflower Oil:

As Sunflower Oil contains high amounts of oleic acid, it is known for reducing the risks associated with heart diseases. This oil is not only helpful for the heart but also for lowering bad cholesterol, however, it might not be effective in people suffering from peripheral vascular diseases. Sunflower Oil is also effective in protecting the skin against germs and bacteria, and thereby improving skin hydration and keeping the outer layer of skin healthy. Hence, if you are going to buy this cooking oil, you can use it for other purposes also.

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